Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Revelation of Jesus -- Apocalypse Now But Not Yet

The 6th Sunday of Easter's text in John 14, as well as in 1 Peter, led to some further reflection of the failed prediction of the rapture on May 21. Nonetheless, Jesus promises to return and reveal himself to us. We live in the tension of Jesus being present to us now though mediated in Word and Sacrament until the time he reveals himself once and for all.

An excerpt from my sermon:

Of course the temptation for Christians throughout the ages is to be so focused on the eternal life somewhere far away in heaven that this life gets ignored. We lose sight of the reality that God cares deeply for this world and so these messages point us to the work for us to do here and now. But we must always walk in the midst of the tension that the way Jesus is revealed to us now, mediated through the Word and sacraments, is less than the fullness that we are promised. Yes, Jesus stands alongside the poor and helpless, among the suffering, and that should compel us to act for them. But our actions should always be seen as signs that point to the great day when Christ comes again to usher in his kingdom when all of those ways that sin is made known are wiped away. Hunger will be no more. Poverty will be no more. Suffering will be no more. Death will be no more.
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