Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tour deRevs...

I left the National Youth Gathering to help out on a project coming out of West Viriginia, the Tour deRevs. Three pastors on a bamboo bike built for three, riding around the country raising funds and awareness for World Hunger... Sadly the reason I am filling in on the ride is that one of the pastors on the bike lost his mother suddenly and unexpectedly. I pray for him and his family, and am honored to help in any way I can.

Seeds for the Parish... Surprise!

So the other day, I came into the house from running a few errands, and my wife asked me if Seeds for the Parish had asked if they could publicize my blog. I stared at her unknowingly, which of course answered her question without me saying anything. She then directed me to look at page 5 of the July-August 2009 issue. I was stunned to see my blog present there as one of six or seven blogs chosen as examples of Lutheran blogs.

Thank you Seeds for the Parish! I guess you liked some of what I wrote.

I guess I better write more.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

National Youth Gathering in New Orleans

And now for something completely different... I am headed to my first ever National Youth Gathering, Jesus, Justice, Jazz. I am not entirely sure what to expect. I know a great deal of the gathering will be upbeat, and effusive. I have a colleague who balks at these gatherings because they seem to point youth away from the tradition of the Church, and toward some sort of "New and Improved" Church.... or some such thing. I think with 36000 people present, we will have all sorts.

What brings me the most stress is not being genuine in who I am... I am not the most effusive. I might even wear my collar one day... but when others question why I am not acting a certain way, or say comments like "You need to loosen up!" or whatever... that brings me stress. I will need to just remain rooted in my own identity and not get flustered when others want to make me act some other way.

I am looking forward to this trip and I am excited to be here with the youth of my congregation.... and maybe even see some old friends, and make some new ones!