Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Satanic Toasters and such...

Yesterday, Gawker posted a 28-year old interview from the Today show, where a reporter is asking a woman about her possessed toaster.

Here is the video:

The closing question, "So why do you keep the toaster?" And her response certainly elicits some laughs because it seems ludicrous.

After all, why in the world would you keep a toaster you believe to be possessed by the devil? On the one hand, one might say, do not keep the toaster. It is possessed by Satan and you would only be inviting damnation. However, the faithful might also say, "Pfft... Satan, you have more power over that piece of bread, scorching it in the brief heat of the toaster than you do over me, and because of Jesus I will never taste even that briefest discomfort from you, let alone the flames of hell. I will however taste the pretty good toast that comes out of this toaster. Now make me some toast."

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