Monday, August 08, 2011

8th Sunday after Pentecost -- In the Boat

Jesus walks on water and draws a deep resonance with things that God the Father has done.  This text clearly shows that what God does, Jesus does and highlights Jesus' relationship with God.  Thus when Jesus calls us out of our relative safety we can trust that all is well and we will be looked after no matter what might happen.

Here is an excerpt from my sermon yesterday.
While it seems daunting, uncertainty for the church is nothing new.  Routinely the church has had to face fear and uncertainty.  Even with Jesus around the disciples found themselves fearful.  Not only do Jesus’ disciples have to fear authorities, both political and religious, but at times it even seems like Jesus placed them in a position to be fearful.  Today’s gospel reading has the disciples being forced into a boat to go across the sea.  The NRSV says that Jesus “made the disciples” get into the boat.  The word is incredibly forceful.  Forced or compelled work perhaps better.  Jesus feeds the multitude, then ships his disciples off and he goes away to pray. 

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