Sunday, July 17, 2011

5th Sunday after Pentecost -- Schrödinger's Weeds

Jesus tells the parable of the wheat and the weeds as part of his discourse of parables. In this parable Jesus addresses the question of evil in the world and God's patient response. The promise is that God will indeed judge the world. But God's judgment is not like ours. God's judgment brings mercy and transformation in Christ.

An excerpt:
We want to bring about justice. We want to say perhaps that a woman who clearly showed horrible judgment in lying to the police about the death of her young daughter but was not convicted by an earthly court, should somehow pay. We are so certain of her guilt because of what we have been shown by the media and certain personalities. It seems wrong. And yet, God will say, “wait.” The reality is, God will judge every single person. Every single one of us will face God’s judgment of our lives. Like every single one of us might want to do to some other person about something or other, God will speak the word “guilty” to every single one of us. Our lives are weedy. In moments of brutal honesty, we know that. We are not what we could be. We do not do the things that lead to life. We choose the path of slavery and death, again and again. And yet, despite knowing that we all will hear the verdict “guilty,” God waits.

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Eric, OCC said...

I found you via Lutheran Chronicle - I really enjoyed your sermon.

Brian Bennett said...

Thanks Eric. I am glad you found it and enjoyed it.