Monday, February 07, 2011

The Lutheran Chronicle

I love that there are sites which serve as nothing other than compilations of blogs. I discovered a new one when I was looking through my stats. If you have a blog and don't have a blog counter that collects some stats, I would highly recommend it. I have used two and Both are free and help show where people are coming from.

And the other day I saw The Lutheran Chronicle pop up on my stats. I checked it out and it is fantastic. This compilation of blogs is very broad. Solid Lutheran blogs from across the Lutheran spectrum -- ELCA, LCMS, WELS and others-- are presented. Nice presentation of the blogs too. A regular updating of the blogs shows the masthead of each blog and the first few lines of each new post. The Lutheran Chronicle is easy to scan and read topics that interest you. If possible, each blogger is identified as to which family of Lutheranism it stems from. Some are not identifiable and so have no notation.

The Lutheran Chronicle is not just a feed of blogs though it has some other nice features, like Lutherans on Twitter and in its own words "the only single searchable database of WELS, ELCA, LCMC and LCMS churches in the United States." Being the only Lutheran church in our county, I am glad to see such a database.

I am convinced that while significant differences separate the various Lutheran branches, we could all spend some time reading what they have to say. It can only help us keep the Eighth Commandment, because I find much of what others have to say edifying whether I agree with them or not.

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