Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Who said this????

I am excerpting several quotes from an interview that a friend (thanks Carter!) sent me. I was immediately impressed by the language used here:

Excerpt #1 on worship:
The traditional liturgy doesn't exist primarily to foster interpersonal relationships. It operates on a very different paradigm. In the liturgy we are, in a very real sense, objectively recognizing God for who he is. And in the midst of proclaiming who God is, we encounter God. At the end of the day, we may not be particularly drawn toward individuals, but in a good liturgy, we are drawn to God. We recognize him for who he is.
Excerpt #2 on making disciples:
We need to rediscover this ancient word, catechism. In a way, it is very straightforward. Its purpose is to help people become the body of Christ and be incorporated into the church. And I don't think that the modern church can improve very much on what has already been given: the creeds, the great commandments, the Lord's Prayer. Those are the basic things that help the church develop its identity as the church of Jesus Christ. We can certainly add other training programs, but I think the catechism should be central to any training of disciples.
So anyone want to guess who said this? These comments and many others like it were made by the Pentecostal theologian Simon Chan. Read the whole interview here.


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