Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dancing with Jesus?

In a liturgy group (liturgy-l on yahoo groups for those interested) to which I belong, the following video was offered up... I can't see myself doing this, but I find it interesting. The congregation seems to be into it, as does the priest. I offer it up for your own viewing and comments...



Michael said...

I'm not really into "liturgical dance" too much, but I don't have a big problem with this. Is that an Easter vigil Mass?

Strangely, the thing I didn't like was the clapping at the end!

I love that version of the Alleluia.

Brian said...

I agree... the applause at the end seemed off putting to me, but it really might simply have been a sponataneous outburst. I don't know if it is an Easter vigil.


Phillip said...

I actually quite like the idea of liturgical dance and thought that was pretty cool. The applause was a little strange, but I took is as more of an emotional outpouring of excitement rather than a congratulatory gesture of some sort.

I attended a festival liturgy at a Sudanese (refugee) Catholic mass one time and they incorporated dance in a similar way and it was a fascinating experience. I wish we did stuff like that more often.

The torchbearer was the coolest.