Friday, September 22, 2006

warfare in the office...

Ok... so I came across THESE while doing a completely different search on google, and I see that they were posted back in December of 2005, but I am disconcerted. Now there is a part of me that finds these amusing in an impish sort of way, but given the war-mania that exists, I cringe at the thought of waging war in the office... and after all, offices can be brutal war zones without these.

I wonder what this says about us as a people that our "toys" are modeled after weapons. Notice that the description on the website is "air darts" but they are really missiles. What we do is who we become. At its heart, that is the basis of the Christian life, a life full of habits and practices that school us in the virtues of primarily, faith, hope and charity. The modern world has eroded our sense of what is central to life with distractions like these darts that keep us from becoming the people God intends for us.

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye virtue.


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