Friday, August 26, 2005

A New Screwtape Letter?

In his column published today in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Tony Norman brings to light correspondence between Pat Robertson and Lord Stinkblossom.

Norman raises the issues that are all too apparent. If only Norman would have remembered that to break Commandment 2-10 was to transgress the very first one as well. Nothing like a double dip!

Robertson's call to assasinate (and let's be honest... that was Robertson's intent) is a vicious hypocrisy and a terrible obstacle to the Gospel. When Christians call for the murder of anyone, it is a terrible witness to the good news of God in Christ Jesus.

Some may state that a pre-emptive assasination would be allowed if it saved life in the long run. If that is true, only a genuine authority of the state should call for it. Rather than call for a murder, why doesn't he marshall the forces that he does have at hand. Why doesn't Robertson call for his Christian Coalition to pray for Chavez? Why doesn't he call for some bold missionaries to enter Venezuela and preach the gospel?

Well, maybe that's not the best solution... after this outburst, I am almost convinced that Robertson couldn't identify the Gospel if it saved his soul.

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